Frequently Asked Questions

Will my pet be warm?

Yes, all our kennels have brick walls, insulated roof and have heating for your pet's comfort. At night all pets are enclosed in their sleeping quarters and sleep on raised beds.

My dog is spoilt, will it be lonely?

No, your pet will get plenty of social interactions and attention with staff during the day. After we meet your dog and conduct a sociability assessment they may be able to play with other dogs in supervised playtime. All the dogs receive two free plays every day.

My dog is a fussy eater, what do you feed them?

Dogs are fed on quality food such as Tuckertime rolls and Supecoat dry food. We also use several types of pure mince. If your pet is on a special diet please bring it with you and it will be given as requested. We all like to spoil our dogs at home so we ensure that meals are carefully monitored to give the pets what they need not what they want!

What vaccinations will my dog require?

At Lake Adams Pet Resort all animals must be fully vaccinated before boarding. We require a current C5 vaccination and a certificate of vaccination must be provided upon booking in. Please contact us if your dog has a Titer test result.

My dog requires medication, how much will it cost to administer?

There is absolutely no charge for us to administer medication at Lake Adams Pet Resort. No matter how complex or how frequently treatment is required. All medications must be supplied in their original packaging.

My dog is elderly and a little frail, can you care for him?

We have a lot of experience in caring for dogs who are elderly, frail, blind, deaf and even partially paralysed. We will treat them with the same love and care that you do at home. Again, there is no additional charge just because your dog needs a little more TLC.

What do you feed cats?

We use premium wet and dry food, in our standard rooms we use Whiskas brand. In our Luxury rooms we use a combination of Royal Canin and Blackhawk and a selection of wet food.

What vaccinations should my cat have?

We require a minimum of a F3 vaccine, but we do recommend a F5 vaccine. Your vet can assist you with informations about the best vaccinations for your cat.

What happens if my pets get sick during their stay?

We prefer to use your nominated vet but if distance or hours of operation becomes an issue we have access to several vets should an emergency arise.

What should I bring for my pet?

The only things you must bring are your pets current vaccination certificate, any medication and any special food they may need. You can provide a special toy or blanket but please be aware that pets can behave differently in a kennel environment and occasionally destroy special items.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not, you are only charged for the number of days your pet stays with us and any pre-booked services such as hikes and hydrobaths. Playtimes, paddock plays, cuddles and belly rubs come free of charge!

My pet has never been in kennels before, what if I get upset?

We are very used to dealing with fretful customers, we recommend visiting for a inspection before your day of arrival to ease your worries. The best thing you can do for your pet is a cheerful short goodbye and leaving them with us to get settled in. Please don't get upset with our honesty, we only have your pets welfare in mind.